Matin Durrani - Science Journalist

Physics World Special Report: India

I contributed three articles to this report, which also has a great podcast by my colleague James Dacey.

Feynman, savant modele

Article in La Recherche about the comic-strip book "Feynman" by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick

The dream of open science

Review of Michael Nielsen's book on open access in science called "Reinventing Discovery".

Physics World Special Report: China

I planned and wrote a large part of the material in this report on China -- one of the world's rising stars in physics.

Forget about quarks, read my wife's blog

A review in the Times Higher Education of "Fantastic Realities" by Frank Wilczek

The physics hit parade

An "idiot's guide" on the BBC website about the greatest equations in phyiscs.

From tyres to neutrinos

A feature in New Scientist about whether beams of neutrinos could be used to communicate across the planet.

A leviathan takes shape beneath Geneva's gentle environs

A news feature in Science about CERN's Large Hadron Collider while it was still being built.

Leaves on the line: zap!

A news piece in the Economist on whether lasers could be the answer to late trains

Selection of my blog entries from Physics World

Where I rant about everything from Billy Bragg to TV's The Big-Bang Theory.